Candle Basics

Scented vs. Unscented

Scents are powerful generators of emotion and memory. A certain aroma can bring you back to winter holidays in the old country or a special day. Our extensive line of scented candles is sure to have a fragrance that will recall a special moment or create a new valuable memory.

Choose candles for celebrations in colors that balance your theme. We suggest using a combination of scented and unscented candles, since a room full of scented candles, whether or not they're lit, can be overwhelming because they compete with the aromas of any food being served. Many Common Scents candles have an intense "fragrance load," and are generally used individually or in small numbers. In this way, they tend to not be ideal at larger events.


Candle Care

To get the most from your candles, we recommend following these guidelines:
  • Before lighting your candles for the first time and each subsequent time, trim the wick to 1/4". This allows the candle to burn until the pool of wax reaches the full diameter of the candle. By doing this, you will get a longer burn, and it will help keep the candle from smoking.
  • Burn candles for one hour per inch of diameter. This sets the candle's "memory" to the edge of the candle, and when you light it in the future, it will "remember" to burn to that point.
  • Extinguish candles with a snuffer or wick dipper to prevent wax from spraying across your tabletop.
  • Extinguish pillar candles when they have burned to within 2" of the base.
  • In an arrangement of pillars, leave at least 2 inches between each candle, so that the heat from candle flames won't melt candles nearby.
  • Tapers burn approximately 1 hour per inch of height.
  • To remove scratches or fingerprints on pillar candles, rub gently with a nylon stocking - keep one in your candle "kit" for easy last-minute fixes.
  • When burning votives, place a teaspoon of water in the container before inserting the votive-this keeps cleanup easy.

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